All Timebox SA products are accompanied by the International Warranty Certificate.

The International Warranty Certificate of Timebox SA that accompanies the watches states that the watch you have purchased is an authentic product of Timebox SA company. Each product of the company is manufactured with the utmost care and meets the quality standards of Timebox SA. The warranty for the watch and the battery is valid for two (2) years for any manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover any damage resulting from normal wear and tear or any damage resulting from unusual/improper use. For more information about care tips, please visit the relevant section under the Customer care menu. The present warranty only covers damages that, in the opinion of Timebox SA or an authorised representative of Timebox SA, was not caused by accident or improper use, ordinary and daily wear, modification, attempted repair, negligence or failure to comply with the specific product care advice provided by Timebox SA.

Care tips are available under the Customer Service section of our website at all times.

The International Warranty Certificate is provided free-of-charge. However, please keep the receipt of purchase in case of warranty claim. The receipt or certificate serves as a receipt of purchase and to validate the authenticity of the products purchased, as well as evidence of this warranty.

Timebox SA reserves the right to modify or adjust these warranty terms at its discretion at any time.

This warranty does not affect your legal rights.