Rainbow gems, hoop earrings, and tricolored bracelets are few of the trends that have grown up to become the new classic jewellery staples!

Some jewellery trends arrive with a bang and, before you know it, fizzle out just as quickly. Others seem to inspire style lovers, and prove their staying power by evolving into modern trends!

VOGUE watch & jewellery, in full harmony with global and international trends, presents in more than 400 points of sale, iconic and timeless jewellery proposals made of sterling silver 925ᵒ, in 18 carats pink or yellow plating, which enhances their luxurious character, allowing us to enjoy them every day.

Rainbow colored gems and zircons

The trend for setting different gems side by side to form waves of color quickly lit up the world of fine jewellery with its rainbow hues.

Easy to wear and impactful even in the most delicate of jewels, rainbow gems have, in just a few years, become a modern classic.

The “Joy” series is guaranteed to brighten your day with colorful jewelry, designed to make you smile whenever you wear it!

Bracelet with multicolored stones, “Joy” series – 39€


Necklace, “Joy” series, with multicolored zircons – 79€


Bracelet, “Joy” series with pink & light blue zircons – 89€


Multicolored necklace, “Joy” series – 64€


Emblematic hoops earrings

In recent years, hoop earrings have seen a dramatic increase in women’s preferences! They are worn comfortably from day to night in enamel, twisted designs, double hoops, small, large, etc…and one thing is for sure! What started out as a trend has now been established, and hoop earrings have entered the realm of modern classics!

Hoop earrings with ripples, “Mare” series – 94€

Earrings with oval hoops design, “Inspiration” series – 59€


Teardrop earrings asymmetric diamond cut hoops – 79€


Hoop earrings in yellow gold with decorative eye pendant from the “Solid” series – 54€


Women’s bracelets in unique designs

Many bracelets combined or alone, gives style at every hour of the day! Whether you choose silver bracelet, tricolored bracelets, gold ones with pearls or fixed bracelets, they will be your top choices on your summer outings!

Bracelet, “Hope” series – 64€


Bracelet with double two-tones chain, “Happiness” series – 46€


Cuff, “Daily Bracelet” series with twisted wide design – 109€


Bracelet, “Happy Pearls” series, five pearls & zircons – 49€


Necklaces that catch the eye

For the moments when modern luxury is the ultimate goal! Long modern necklaces, triple necklaces, cubic zirconia necklaces and stunning statement necklaces are some of the modern options that have evolved into classic designs!

Medium length necklace by the “Mare” series – 54€

Silver necklace, “Hope” series, three wide chains – 94€

Stunning necklace, “Dot & Line” series – 84€


Medium length silver necklace with thick chain and pearls – 89€


Enamel rings and lovely solitaire rings

Sterling silver in 18 carats yellow or rose gold plating, enamel in the most exciting colors, shimmering cubic zirconia, and patterns that will keep you interested! Contemporary designs that quickly evolved into favorites and all-time classic trends!

Single stone ring with white zircon Brilliant and wide calf – 42€

Minimal ring, “Daily Rings” series – 74€


Ring, “Awe” series, with pale pink color stone – 54€


Band ring by the “Safari” series – 75€

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